Sustainable solutions for this planet and the next one.

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Farewell Earth

The time for stopping the Climate Crisis has passed. Incredible efforts are being made to slow the collapse of our ecosystems and nations, but the long term prospects for humanity must include a stable and habitable home.

Our new home is Themis.

Quick Facts About Themis

A planet of oceans and archipelagos.

Breathable atmosphere and cool temperatures.

Primitive lifeforms pose no threat to humans.

Become a Pioneer

A world-class team of scientists and engineers has been developing a colony on Themis for two years, and now we're opening it to the public.

Anyone can be selected

But only the best and brightest will be admitted to Themis. To see if that includes you, check your Merits on the Agipan app or take our preliminary assessment quiz.

Considerations for Merits

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Genetic diversity

Every race, every nation, every gene

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Life choices

Those who live sustainably and help others

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Technical skills

Expertise needed on the colony for structural and cultural development.