Frequently Asked Questions about Themis and selection


  1. Do I need an Agipan phone to be selected?
  2. How do I make sure the algorithm knows about my special talent or altruistic behavior?
  3. Is going to Themis a one-way trip?
  4. Can I bring my family or friends?
  5. What do you do with the data collected for Pioneer selection?


  1. Where is the Portal?
  2. How does the Portal work?
  3. Are there other ways of reaching Themis?
  4. Will my pre-existing health condition prevent me from traveling through the Portal?
  5. What can I bring to Themis?

Life on Themis

  1. Are the native lifeforms dangerous?
  2. How many people currently live on Themis?
  3. Is Agipan doing anything to make the planet's climate more habitable? (a.k.a. terraforming)
  4. What are the laws and regulatory systems of the colony?
  5. Can I live anywhere on the planet?