Welcome to a new world

There are billions of habitable worlds in the universe, but traditional space travel has left them tantalizingly out of reach — until now.

Themis (rhymes with "tennis") is smaller than Earth, which means you can walk lighter and leap higher thanks to its lower gravity. The planet's air is completely safe to breathe, and you'll enjoy scenic ocean views from the many islands and beaches. Pack a sweater though, because it can get chilly on Themis!

Our scientists are assessing the possibility of artificially warming the planet's atmosphere within safe and carefully managed levels, but compared to the runaway greenhouse gases on Earth, we're being extremely cautious with fuel emissions and environmental impacts. This time, we're not going to take any chances.

Modern house integrated into beach landscape


The first colonists arrived on Themis five years ago, and have been busy constructing a cutting-edge city for the growing population. Agipan has hired the best engineers and designers to reimagine urban life and commerce. Betaville is a first attempt at a truly smart and holistic city. As people emigrate to Themis, additional cities will be established and relevant technologies will be shared with governments and corporations on Earth.

Millions of sensors throughout the city measure energy consumption and daily life, shuffling electricity and resources in a dynamic system that adapts to every movement you make. Essential infrastructure is hidden below the ground, leaving the city's boulevards and plazas open and accessible.

Every aspect of life on Themis is designed around sustainability, from infrastructure and energy to legal frameworks and social life.

The Resolution

Policy experts and scientists have known for years that Earth's ecosystems are collapsing under the stress of human activity. We asked them a single question: what if you could start over from scratch?

The new society on Themis is built upon on the Themisian Resolution, which was drafted by a team of interdisciplinary and international experts over several years of intense meetings and research. Established and experimental models were examined for economics, living arrangements, social traditions, healthcare, and every other facet of society in order to design a new way of life that takes the best of our current world and leaves behind prejudice and inequality.

The Portal

While researching new energy technologies, Agipan scientists discovered new and shocking ways of interacting with the fundamental particles of the universe. The details of the experiment have not been made public, due to fear of dangerous copycat experiments, but this discovery led to the creation of a stable bridge between two points in space: Earth and a habitable planet on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy.

So how do you get to Themis? If you apply to be a Pioneer and are selected by our algorithm, you will be invited to a secretive onboarding process that culminates in a trip to the Portal. Pioneers will be transported to Themis through a safe and instantaneous process.

There are currently no plans to reveal the location of the Portal, for fear of violence or sabotage to this miraculous and one-of-a-kind resource. Material and personnel transportation to Themis is conducted quietly and secretively.